Bitch Talk is a podcast that boldly highlights the ongoing need for BIPOC women representation in media, film, and the arts. The show features thoughtful and fun interviews of marginalized and indie voices working as performers, comedians, independent filmmakers, and activists. Bitch Talk co-hosts Erin Lim and Ange Tabora engage the audience through witty banter and unfiltered honesty.

Founded by Erin Lim in 2013, the show has grown from dining room table recordings to partnerships with Reimagine End of Life, That’s What She Said, and the San Francisco Women’s March, as well as participation at the Sundance Film Festival. The podcast is produced by Charlene Goto of GoTo Productions.

Erin, Ange, and Char are all childfree!

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Sandra Dawes is a recovering control freak and excuse maker who works with clients struggling with similar issues. She holds an Honors BA, an MBA, and a certificate in Dispute Resolution.

After the passing of her father and the circumstances that followed, she suffered from bouts of depression and sought the help of psychotherapists. Unwilling to seek pharmaceutical assistance to deal with her chronic unhappiness, she was lead on a journey of self-awareness and forgiveness that changed her life in deep and meaningful ways.

Sandra enjoys spending time with friends and family and her husband Satnam. She published her first book Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve in 2013.

Sandra was added to the Wall of Role Models by the Diversity Advancement Network in July 2016.

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Genevieve is the founder of Skirt Club a private members club for bi-curious & bisexual women. With 15,000 members globally, women are more interested in each other, than ever. 

A keen advocate for advancing women’s confidence, her global events encourage women to put their own desires first. 

Born in England, raised in Hong Kong Genevieve has lived in over 16 cities. Seven years ago she left her corporate days in finance far behind, choosing to bring luxury experiences to women, enjoyed for centuries by men. 

Skirt Club brings women's confidence bedroom to boardroom.

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Who says you’re Perfect? DeNicea does! Appreciating the root meaning of “whole and complete,” DeNicea Hilton creates Playful Healing Spaces for Women to Embrace, Embody and Express Her Perfect Authentic Self. 


Expanding beyond her expertise in holistic and integrative approaches as a Holistic Well-Being Consultant, she guides women to use Play to realize their potential by experiencing serious healing that doesn’t have to be so serious. She founded the Perfect PlayGround healing space that offers experiences such as her signature I Am Perfect! Academy Membership, Perfect Aligning PlayGroup Mentorship, and the infamous UnSlumber Party! Retreats.


While playing in the Perfect PlayGround, women DISCOVER the holistic, purposeful meaning of their physical symptoms/conditions, EXPLORE the possibilities already available to support their Being in her purpose, and EXPERIENCE her potential when aligning her Spirit, Mind, and Body.


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Becky Kekula is an international motivational speaker and advocate for inclusion! She also serves as the Disability Equality Index Director at Disability:IN, the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. After receiving a college degree, Becky worked for a decade in the entertainment and news media industries. Currently, she’s working with corporations to help advance disability inclusion and equality. 

Becky also happens to be a little person. She proudly identifies as part of the disability community. She has spoken at over 300 venues such as companies, government agencies, and schools. 

Becky is excited to be joining us!


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Lisa is a Transformational Mindset Coach helping women live their purpose & confidently create wealth, freedom, and impact. After 10 years of nursing, Lisa felt lost and stuck and knew she was meant for more. The road to finding her passion and purpose lead to a spiritual awakening and a completely new way of living.

Lisa finds joy in helping others find their truth and create a life that they love. Her hobbies include horseback riding, oracle card readings, spending time in nature, and meditating.


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Los Angeles based April who used to get mistaken for Molly Ringwald, won’t eat avocados and grew up in Iowa—that’s where the Field of Dreams is not the Worlds Largest potato!

She has been a childrenswear designer for Buster Brown, sold Hallmark cards, photographed bands, and once was nicknamed Mario for her driving.

Now she lives a quiet childfree life, driving the backroads with her camera, designs custom travel itineraries, and is in the process of writing a book.

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January 18, 2021

Season 4 - Introduction

Hello Firecracker! We are kicking off Season number 4 of The Honest Uproar podcast in a few hours and, as always, I wanted to say hi before we did! 


Would you like to be a guest on The Honest Uproar? Click on this link and send me your information:


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Sama founded the Womb Centered Healing Temple in 2018 as a collaborative space to support people of all genders to learn about the importance of our experiences in and of the womb, heal the wounds inflicted on all of us by the womb abuse and suppression of patriarchy, and reclaim the power of the traditions of womb reverence that predate the patriarchal system. 

Out of her own personal journey healing from early childhood trauma founded in the domination model of the relationship between men and women, she has emerged with a passionate devotion to remember, re-activate, and re-establish Womb Power as our center of personal power and inner guidance. 

She has received potent soul purpose visions about the importance of returning to a partnership model of relating with each other and with all beings and diligently applies this model to all of her relationships.  She loves to share her experience of how living in embodied Womb Wisdom creates an abundant fountain of vitality that can nourish our dreams of correcting the course of humanity away from self-destruction towards harmonious communion and belonging in the ecology of life.

You can visit her website here:

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This episode of the Megaphone is not only the last of Season 3 but also the last Megaphone of the Honest Uproar podcast. Isabel took advantage of it to send out a short message and to wish you all very happy and safe holidays with your loved ones!

Don't hesitate to send us an email to, we would love to hear from you!

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