Anne is a London based writer, travel filmmaker and digital marketing consultant. Her debut book #PassportReady: The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel was released on September 1st and is currently an Amazon best-seller, ranking top 10 in the 'solo travel' and 'budget travel' categories. After four years of solo travel, she wanted to inspire other women to do the same safely and on a budget. She returned from Thailand and Cambodia in February, just before most of the world went into lock-down and used the time to write her debut book.


 Her journey to childfreedom has come after many years of reading, reflecting, and research, listening to both childfree women and mothers, but ultimately deciding motherhood is not for her.


 You can follow Anne on Instagram by clicking here: @onthegowithac

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 Amy is living life childfree and loving it. She is the creator of the Intently You blog and shares her journey and insights on conscious and intentional living. A former marketer turned Account Management executive, Amy has a Master's in Mass Communication, and is currently working on her MBA. Her goals are to help others live mindfully and wonderfully through conscious choices.


 You can find Amy's website here: 

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 Patricia was born in Peru in 1980 and at age 27 moved to Barcelona and made it her home. She is an antinatalist, atheist, vegan, daydreamer, and an art lover. Patricia created Childfree Doodles two years ago as a way to share her experience and thoughts through her illustrations. She hopes they help other people to feel confident in their decision to be childfree.


 Join us to hear about her journey towards embracing her childfreedom and how she got started with doodling for the community.


 You can check out Patricia's Childfree Doodles here:


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In this episode of The Megaphone, Isabel briefly reflects on her dating experiences before and after she decided to embrace the childfree lifestyle.


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Meggan Anderson is a childfree actress and model from Los Angeles. As an antinatalist environmentalist, she volunteers a lot of time advocating for animal rights. After her successful tubal ligation a few years ago, she educates people that adopt don’t shop applies to people too!

 You can follow her on Instagram (@meggananderson), Twitter (@meggananderson),, and check out her website at


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 During the course of her career, Nikki has been a successful model, wholesale rep, model scout, model agent, and one of the industry's most in-demand photographers. With a fashion industry career that expands over 16 years, Nikki has developed quite a reputation as a Plus Industry Expert and recently began consulting both agencies and models.


 In July 2017 Nikki was certified as a first and second degree Angelic Reiki practitioner. She currently offers intuitive counseling for those seeking a deeper understanding of their current soul journey.


 You can follow Nikki on Instagram here: @thenikkigomez and @umasgaia

 Find more information on her website:


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 Ikey and Sabrina are 2/3 of the Greene Triad, a loving, childfree, polyamorous, vegan throuple.


 Ikey is a loving dog mom, a feminist, Jewish atheist, a world traveler who loves staying at home, an HSP, and an Empath. Sabrina is an OB/GYN, a vegan nutritionist and a tattoo enthusiast. They live in Berlin with their partner Alex, who also happens to be an MD.


 Join us as they tell me how they became a closed, romantic triad, about the challenges of their relationship, and about their choice to embrace the childfree lifestyle.


 You can follow them on Instagram here: @greene_triad


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 Happy International Childfree Day!


 Join Isabel and Tanya Williams, the author of A Childfree Happily Ever After, on this special episode! We talk about the origins of International Childfree Day and what it means to us.


 This special episode also comes with a giveaway! You can win a copy of Tanya's book by listening to it and then commenting on the image posted on our Instagram. Go to: or <3


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 Tia is the CEO of the first-ever childfree after infertility coaching platform, Plan Babe, an infertility advocate, home improvement fanatic, and an HR & Finance professional. Over the last 15+ years, she had poured her energy into her own personal and professional development.


 You can connect with Tia either via Instagram @mstiagendusa or on her website


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July 26, 2020

Season 3 - Introduction

 Hello Firecracker! We are kicking off Season number 3 of The Honest Uproar podcast in a couple of days and I wanted to swing by to say hi! 


 Would you like to be a guest on The Honest Uproar? Click on this link and send me your information:


 Do you follow me already on social media? Find me on FB and IG and give me a shoutout!

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